Thursday, July 12, 2012

JWOC Middle Distance Final

Molly Kemp

A few words about the middle final from coach Brent:

It was an exciting day in the middle final. It was definitely cool to have Emily K starting last. She had a solid run. A couple of small mistakes is the difference at this level. Overall, she is satisfied with her performance. She handled the nerves like a pro and followed her race plan well.

Molly also had a solid run finishing in 57th. We are absolutely thrilled to have had 2 in the A-final.

In the B-final, Kerstin had her best run of the championships, finishing 32nd. This is a super performance by her.

Alexander had a very good run today too. He was solid like he has been all week. I am so proud of him and Trevor. At only 17, they have done really well. Over the next few years, we will see these two getting some very good results. I think this championships has been a great learning experience for them.

At the end of the day, the flower ceremonies for the men and women were presented. It was great to see Emily up there. Tonight we go the town square to see the medal presentations.
Alexander Bergstrom

Emily Kemp and her flowers
Tomorrow is the last day of JWOC 2012, the relay.
On the women's team, Emily Kemp will run first, Molly Kemp second, and Kendra Murray will anchor.
The men's team will be Alexander, Trevor, and Emily Ross (who is not a man but will run with them since Canada only sent two!)
Kerstin Burnett will run on a mixed team with runners from Hungary and Hong Kong.

The women mass start at 10am and the men mass start at 10:45am.

Also, we would like to congratulate Matt Ogden of New Zealand for winning GOLD in the men's middle final. We are so excited to see more and more countries making the podium at international events.


  1. Congratulations Canada! We will be cheering you on tomorrow too!

  2. Well done! Thanks for sharing your stories and photos with us.