Friday, July 6, 2012

Update #2 from JWOC Training Week

Hello! We're just wrapping up our training week at JWOC.  Today is our rest day before doing the long and sprint model maps tomorrow.  The opening ceremonies are also tomorrow. Our team is finally all here!  Both Emily and Molly had some adventures getting here, but everything worked out in the end. Most of the teams have arrived at the accommodation now so the dining room is getting quite busy (and extra hot).  We've gone out on the long and middle terrain, so hopefully we have a better understanding of the maps and terrain.

The long map was especially interesting. It is in the famous (or infamous?) karst terrain, which features many large depressions.  While at first the map may look simple because the features are so large, we quickly figured out they all look the same and relocating is nearly impossible. Using our compasses will be especially important to make sure we leave the depression in the correct direction.

Long Training Map

On a map walk to figure out the long terrain

We've also been working on our starting procedures to make sure we're focused before and during the call up.  We got to practice this in the middle terrain (which was my personal favourite).  The middle terrain is quite detailed contours with swamps and gullies.

Middle Training Map

Besides orienteering we've tried to stay cool. We went swimming in a river nearby and drove out to a lake only to discover it was a national holiday and almost all of Kosice was there.

Swimming in the very clean river nearby

Our first event is the sprint on Sunday.  Everyone is looking forward to finally getting to race!  Check back on the blog for our comments and thoughts after the race. In other news, the JWOC anthem has been released! Hopefully it will get you as excited as we are! Click hear to enjoy: JWOC Anthem.


  1. Oh my... that's quite the orienteering song. JWOC, you guys get all the catchy tunes!

  2. Best orienteering song yet. Let it inspire you to run, run run... GO CANADA!

  3. Maps look fun! Sounds like Brent really put you guys through your paces this week. Best of luck for the races!

  4. Yikes, that is an anthem! Good luck on Sunday. I'll be cheering for you!