Wednesday, July 11, 2012

JWOC Middle Qualifier - Kemp Domination

Wednesday was another great day for Canadian orienteering. Emily Kemp continued to prove that she is one of the top junior orienteers in the world. She won her middle distance qualification heat in a time of 25:27, 1:28 faster than the second place Anastasia Denisova of Belarus.

  Emily's younger sister, Molly Kemp, kept up the family tradition with a solid race. She finished 18th in her heat and qualified for the A final!

Molly Kemp during the middle qualifier

Emily Ross finished 32nd in heat 3. Kerstin Burnett and Kendra Murray finished 33rd and 35th respectively in heat 2. All three ladies made the B final!

Alexander Bergstrom finish 53rd in men's heat 1 and Trevor Bray finished 52nd in heat 2. Both will compete in the C final. Congratulations to the Childs brothers, Ethan and Andrew from the USA for both making the B final.

Full results can be found here and the qualification maps and route gadget can be found here.

Emily Kemp in the middle qualifier finish chute
The middle distance final will be held in continental terrain with detailed erosion features. The starts for the B and C finals begin at 9am so that all the athletes can be back to cheer on the A final runners who start from 11am onward.

The start times for the Canadian team (Slovakia time)

Kendra Murray - 9:17
Alexander Bergstrom - 9:19
Kerstin Burnett - 9:23
Trevor Bray - 9:26
Emily Ross - 9:27
Molly Kemp - 11:13
Emily Kemp - 12:59 (the very last women's start)

Good luck to all of the Canadians in the final!


  1. Awesome results to all Team Canada members. We are all rooting for you in your respective finals! The excitement you have all created back home is electric!

  2. We are so proud of all of you. We will be sending the good luck vibes and know you will do amazing things! Auntie Ev and Gramma

  3. totally awesome, all of you!

  4. I can't put into words how exciting it has been following this in Canada! I wish we had video! Congratulation to each and every one of you! Good luck in the races to come. Enjoy!

  5. Great to see the fruits of the HPP program and lots of individual dedication pay-off.... great results to celebrate in a tough international field. Good luck in the finals!

  6. beyond awesome! The Kemps have done all of Canada proud!

  7. GO Emily, Emily, Kiersten, Kendra, Molly, Alex & Trevor! You all Rock!

  8. Great job, all of you! Look forward to cheering you on a few hours from now. :)

  9. Good job, all. Good luck today!
    Richard & Lorna