Friday, July 6, 2012

WUOC Relay ~ end to a great week!

Today (Friday) was the final day of WUOC, and the relay (they always save the most fun for last!). As we mentioned yesterday, Canada fielded 2 teams ~ Canada 1 comprised of Will, Robbie, and Damian (running in that order), and Canada 2 comprised of Jeff, Eric, and Louise (running in that order).
And they're off!
It was a close race! Will started out strong for Canada 1, handing off to Robbie with a 5 minute lead over Jeff! Robbie had some issues on control #7, while Eric had a great run (coming in 15th of 33 runners!) and handing off to Louise with a 4 minute lead over Canada 1! 
Louise heading to the spectator control
Louise, after a small hesitation to #1, had a clean but tired race, but managed to bring it home ahead of Damian. Canada 2 finished in 2:38:57, and Canada 1 in 2:49:24. Congratulations to both teams for such an exciting race!
Damian heading to the spectator control
You can view the results here (scroll down for the women's results), and the splits are here. Individual splits ~ Canada 1: Will, Robbie, Damian; Canada 2: Jeff, EricLouise.

So that's it for WUOC. The team is now taking a couple of rest days (well deserved, I hope you agree!), before heading to Switzerland for WOC preparation. In the meantime, our focus will turn to our Juniors, as JWOC officially begins tomorrow, with the first race on Sunday! Keep tuning in for all the news, gossip, updates, photos, and everything else you need to keep in touch with Team Canada!

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