Saturday, July 14, 2012

WOC Sprint Qualifier

Final results from the WOC qualifier
Robbie Anderson -15:38 (1:47 back from winner) 25 heat a
Patrick Goeres - 14:18 (56 sec back from winner13 heat b (qualifies for final)
Will Critchley - 14:28 (1:07 back from winner) 20 heat c

Congratulations to Patrick for qualifying! We're excited to see how he will do in the final this afternoon!
Patrick looking pretty happy that he qualified!
The overall feeling of the qualification race was that the navigation was very easy. Adrian commented that there's more route choice in the parkade of his hotel! As you can see from the times listed above, the slightest mistake was enough to miss qualification, as the running standard was very high. You can view the full results for the men here, and also the split times.

Here are some comments from the Canadian team:

Patrick:  I had a clean run, the navigation was easier than I thought it was going to be. During the race I thought to myself, “really? is this all there is?” I was expecting much trickier navigational challenges.  didn't feel all that fast during the race

Robbie: I went out really fast on the first 4 controls, perhaps a bit too fast as I was red-lining it throughout the rest of the course. My running didn't feel great today. The course was easier than I thought it was going to be.

Will: I had a good, clean run, and the course was much easier than people thought it would be.

No Canadian women ran the sprint, but Alison Crocker of the USA qualified 3rd in her heat and Samantha Saeger missed out qualifying by just 5 seconds.

Women's Heat A Map
Women's Heat B Map
Women's Heat C Map
Men's Heat A Map
Men's Heat B Map
Men's Heat C Map

The unusual looking area in the centre-south of the map is apparently the Rolex Learning Center. You can find some photos from Adrian on his Flickr account

The finals start at 4pm Lausanne time. The women's first starter will leave at 4:01 pm and the men's first starter at 5:11 pm.

To watch the live tv streaming there will be a fee of 3 euros for the sprint or 10 euros for all of the finals payable by credit card.

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