Thursday, July 19, 2012

Louise comes 33rd in the Long Distance!

Louise finishing up the long distance.
Louise Oram ran a good race today, coming in 33rd, which her best long distance final result at WOC to date! Way to go Louise!
Louise with Samantha Saeger of Team USA. Who would believe they'd just run a long distance race?! Looking sharp, ladies!
More great photos of today's event by Adrian!

Here's Louise talking about her race:

In the women's race, Simone Niggli was determined not to have a repeat of the middle final (where she navigated part way to the wrong control!), and won the race by 1.5 minutes over middle distance champion Minna Kauppi of Finland. Annika Billstam of Sweden finished in 3rd. Also, special mention to Samantha Saeger of Team USA, who finished in 40th place. Way to go Sam! You can view the final results, and also the GPS tracks (see middle final post for some tips!). 

In the men's race, favourite Olav Lundanes of Norway took gold, almost 3 minutes ahead of local favourite Matthias Merz. Edgars Bertuks, middle distance champion from Latvia, took the bronze medal. Edgars has had a fantastic WOC this year; his best WOC result to date was a 9th place in the middle distance back in 2008. You can view his athlete profile to check out his results to date. Way to go Edgars! Take a moment to view the final results and GPS tracks.

Tomorrow is another rest day, with the relay on Saturday. Running in the relay for Team Canada is Will Critchley, Patrick Goeres, and Robbie Anderson. The running order will be decided tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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