Monday, July 2, 2012

The day before it all kicks off ~ WUOC long model and race plans!

The athletes are in Europe, they've (hopefully) recovered somewhat from jet lag, and they're raring to go! WUOC (the World University Orienteering Championships) are scheduled to start tomorrow, so excitement and nerves are running high!

So by all accounts so far, it's hot... very hot! Check out the weather forecast for the next few days... I think some of us Canadians would be pleased with some of this weather (well at least here in Vancouver where it's about 15 degrees and raining!). This will effect race strategy though, as athletes have to conserve energy to make sure they finish the race, as well as place as best they can!
Is this what they call summer? Canada, take note!

Today (Monday), Team Canada went to test out the model map for the long distance race tomorrow. WUOC has no qualification races, so it'll be an all-out fight for medals! The terrain for the long race is described as hilly, with about 20% farming land, and 40% semi-open. There are a number of ravines crossing the map; some impassable. The vegetation is passable, but is fairly impassable in the ravines. Visibility is generally good, depending on the area you're in! There are a few paths and tracks, and one road with little traffic. 

Here's the map sample for the long distance race ~ looks kinda hilly! Level curves = contour interval!
By all accounts the training went well. Here are some thoughts, tactics, and goals for the race tomorrow:

Will Critchley: "Dealing with heat will be a big factor tomorrow."
Damian Konotopetz: "Have a clean race and hope to crack the top 50." You can read more analysis from Damian on his blog
Eric Kemp: "The landscape here is shaped by the sun. The ground is mostly open but hard on the feet. All the plants seem to be spiky."
Robbie Anderson: "Goal is to have a strong technical race, in this new, challenging, and interesting terrain."
Louise Oram: "Start carefully, and progress to being more aggressive if things are going well. Drink at every water station!"

Photos of the long distance terrain. 

It looks like there won't be much live coverage tomorrow, but you can always check out Attackpoint for discussions. Results will be posted on the event website. Of course, you can tune in to the blog tomorrow for an update on how the races went.

We'll be sending good vibes to Spain for tomorrow's race, and cheering from Canada! We hope you'll join us!



  1. Good luck everyone! Enjoy the races, and drink lots (of water)

  2. Good luck - we'll be keeping our fingers crossed! And have fun!!