Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update #2: WOC impressions by Alix, Darya and Emma

Emma, Alix, and Darya are juniors from the Foothill Wanderers Orienteering Club in Calgary, AB. They are participating in the WOC public races as well as watching the WOC races and cheering on Team Canada. It’s their first time orienteering in Europe. Tagging along with them are former national team members Magali Robert and Pam James. We asked Darya, Emma and Alix to provide us with their impressions of WOC 2012 and of orienteering at a big European event.

July 16, it's the WOC middle distance qualification race and the 2nd race in the public races...

Day 3  

Today was our middle long distance race. It was a very challenging race and we all got lost at some point during the race. We think that it is the hardest course we have ever done. The terrain was very different from Canada and very hard to run because of all the rocky ground and cliffs. But we all managed to survive and finish with a smile. Then we watched the qualifier race for the middle distance, it was at the same place as our race, but on the other side of a road. We had the same finish and technically we raced on the same area as them. The only Canadian that qualified today was Louise, she came in 15th. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
Darya, Alix, Emma

P.S: This picture shows how Emma decided to go to number one. I don't think that it was the best decision ever :)


July 17, it's the day of the middle distance final and the 3rd public race...

Day 4
Today was the middle distance event for us and also the middle final for WOC. The two events were right across the road from each other, so once we finished our courses we could walk across the road to watch the finals. They were very intense and there were soooooo many people there cheering. The only Canadian athlete competing was Louise. 

We found that today we did better on the courses today then yesterday because we ready for the difficulties of the terrain. Some of the national team members (who didn't have races today) were also competing in the Swiss Five Days and we saw them on some of our courses. The terrain here is very different compared to Canada. It is really rocky with a lot of tree roots, so it is harder to run and can hurt your feet, there are also stone walls that you have climb over to get on the other side. A positive difference is there are no mosquitoes, YAY!!!!

Here is Alix running down the finish chute (photo credit to Darya Sepandj)

Darya, Alix and Emma :)


  1. I'm so impressed with the girls. Their courses are, by Canadian standards, insanely difficult (as tough as my course) and insanely long (longer than Charlotte's today!). Of course, perhaps our Canadian standards need to change ;-) But the girls are learning very quickly and they are super tough. When we get back to Canada I'm going to make some technical trainings for them! It is great to see them here and it is great to read their stories