Sunday, July 15, 2012

Update #1: WOC impressions by Alix, Darya and Emma

Emma, Alix, and Darya are juniors from the Foothill Wanderers Orienteering Club in Calgary, AB. They are participating in the WOC public races as well as watching the WOC races and cheering on Team Canada. It’s their first time orienteering in Europe. Tagging along with them are former national team members Magali Robert and Pam James. We asked Darya, Emma and Alix to provide us with their impressions of WOC 2012 and of orienteering at a big European event.

July 14, it's the WOC sprint final day and Emma, Alex and Darya has just arrived in Lausanne...

Day 1
Today we arrived in Switzerland after an 11 hour flight, via Toronto. At Lausanne, we went straight to the W.O.C. sprint final. While watching, we saw one of our coaches, Patrick, racing. We got to see him bolt through the spectator control and the finish chute. It was very exciting and fascinating. He came in 36th, he was 2min 22sec behind the winner. We were all astounded at how many loud fans from all the world were here to see this race. There is nothing like this in Canada. We learnt that if you want to win a medal in the male sprint, your name should be "Matthias", because that was the first name of all the male medalists today.
We hope that our jet leg doesn't negatively influence us tomorrow during our sprint. We are so excited to be here and for this great opportunity!!!!!
Darya, Alix and Emma :)

July 15, it's the first day of the public races and the WOC long distance qualification

Day 2
Today we went to the sprint (1st public race), it was at the university of Lausanne. We all had very good runs with a few mistakes, but we were all extremely happy with our races. In our category (Damen 16) of 42 girls, Darya came in 22nd, Emma in 33rd and Alix in 34th. After our races we watched the W.O.C. long qualifier, everyone looked REALLY tired when they were coming down the finish shoot. We would be too after running around 12ish Km. We think that it is safe to say that we are glad that we don't have to qualify for our races!
Darya, Alix and Emma :)


  1. Glad to hear you 3 are having fun! Good luck with the rest of your races, and keep the updates coming.

  2. Fantastic guys. Hope the rest of the races go really well,

  3. Have a blast and we look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!