Monday, August 10, 2009

Warming Up!

Team Canada arrive the Hungarian town of Miskolc tomorrow Tuesday, Aug 11. We will spend 6 days preparing and getting ready for the World Orienteering Championships that start on Aug 16. The team goal is to have Canadian representation in all finals and for the men's relay team to improve on last years position (i.e. better than 24th).

Make sure to tune in to this page regularly during the next two weeks for updated stories from the training, races and other adventures of Team Canada in Hungary! The schedule and team composition for WOC looks like this:

Sunday Aug 16: Middle Qualifier - Louise Oram, Carol Ross, Will Critchley, Nick Duca, Mike Smith.

Monday Aug 17: Long Qualifier - Louise Oram, Carol Ross, Nick Duca, Patrick Goeres, Jon Torrance.

Tuesday Aug 18: Rest Day

Wednesday Aug 19: Middle Final

Thursday Aug 20: Sprint Qualifier and Final - Louise Oram, Carol Ross, Will Critchley, Patrick Goeres, Jon Torrance

Friday Aug 21: Relay - Patrick Goeres, Mike Smith, Jon Torrance

Saturday Aug 22: Rest Day

Sunday Aug 23: Long Final

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  1. Thanks Magnus. Keep the updates coming. I think people are interested to hear how the pre-WOC training sessions are and what Miskolc is like.