Thursday, August 20, 2009

Patrick is in!

Patrick Goeres made it into the Sprint Final with a hard run without much time lost on mistakes. 11th position with 13 seconds to spare! The terrain was not quite as tricky as the model map indicated, but still required intense navigation. Controls were placed very close and there was an unusually large number of runners disqualified for punching the wrong control. Patrick's exact start time in the final is 4:36 pm local time in Hungary (e.g 7:36 am in Vancouver, 11:36 am in Halifax). Make sure to follow the on-line coverage!

Will Critchley also had very fast running speed. 2/3 into the course he had a clean run, but then lost time on a mistake as the course entered into an area of buildings and fences. Jon Torrance had good speed as well, but too many mistakes pushed him down the result list. Louise Oram and Carol Ross were both about 45 seconds on the outside after good runs technically. Just need a little bit more speed!

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