Thursday, August 6, 2009

Final Preparations

One of the members of Team Canada made his final preparations for the World Orienteering Championships in a bit of an unusual setting. Last year's WOC Sprint finalist Patrick Goeres, spent the last ten days in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Technical training
During that time he completed 10 map sessions and one orienteering race. Whitehorse has several maps with negative kame-kettle topography and side slopes not unlike what athletes will experience in Hungary. You can check out some of the training maps on Brent's blog. You can also see the map from the race.

Preparing for the warm weather and hills
The Yukon is not normally known for its hot weather but record temperatures over 30 degrees during this time meant perfect conditions for acclimatizing to the heat that awaits the athletes in Hungary. So there were several hard hill sessions in the middle of the day. As added preparation for the heat, Patrick's last session before leaving was an hour tempo run followed by a 3x3 min interval session on the treadmill wearing a long-sleeve polypro top, two t-shirts and a toque. He got a few strange looks from the regular gym users.

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