Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top 40

Patrick improved his result from the Sprint Final last year in Czech Republic, breaking into the top 40, finishing in 38th position. He felt a little bit tired after the qualifier in the morning, but the race was basically clean apart from a few hesitations and map stops. Behind the amazing winning time of the Russian Andrey Khramov the field was very close. "Only" 50 seconds faster would have moved Patrick all the way up to the top 20. Silver and bronze went to Switzerland again for Fabian Hertner and Daniel Hubmann.

For the women it was a great day for Sweden with gold and silver to Helena Jansson and Linnea Gustafsson respectively. Simone Niggle got the bronze for Switzerland. The courses went through the beech forest again, but also into the Miskolc Zoo for some very tricky controls. The arena production was impressive with two big screens and several cameras on the course.

Tomorrow is the relay, where the Canadian men will run with Patrick Goeres, Mike Smith and Jon Torrance.

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