Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gourmet dinner

Last night we enjoyed some Hungarian cuisine with an Irish twist when we ate out at Murphy's Irish Pub. Myself, Patrick, Will, Jon, Carol and Louise made the 400m trek down the road to investigate our local dining options. Highlights included the chilled apricot bisque, stuffed meat dishes and grilled goat cheese salad with full marks for presentation. The athlete-sized portions and an imaginative and reasonably priced menu means we'll probably be back! (although the pub nature meant the vegan options were a bit limited)

The toilet with its self-cleaning seat was also an eye opener. Unfortunately no cameras were brought for visual reference.

This morning's schedule has us in the forest on Olasz-Kapu for the official training. The terrain is adjacent to the relay and middle final area. More on this later...

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  1. Wow there really are Murphy's Irish pubs everywhere! Came across one in Cuzco, Peru a few weeks ago.