Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This year's sprint is a forest sprint that will favor navigation more than in the last several WOCs. The terrain is still mostly very open beech forest with steep hills, re-entrants and ditches. There are also sections of thicker green areas. At a scale of 1:4000 the features in the woods are coming towards you extremely fast and it will be important with a cool head, to take an extra moment with the map and to always run with a plan.

Follow Team Canada in the Sprint Qualifier (and Final) here:

Live Results

First start is at 9 am local time in Hungary (e.g. 12 am in Vancouver, 1 am in Calgary, 2 am in Winnipeg, 3 am in Ottawa, 4 am in Halifax)

The Final for the Men is at 4:20 pm and the Final for the Women is at 5:30 pm local time in Hungary. These times should work better for those in Canada to follow the races on-line.

Start times Qualifier:
9:03 - Will Critchley
9:12 - Jon Torrance
9:29 - Patrick Goeres
10:11 - Carol Ross
10:21 - Louise Oram


  1. Thanks Magnus for all the great updates.
    Good luck to the everyone tomorrow - it will be an exciting and tight race and who knows what might happen!

    Best wishes to the rookies and the old wiley veterans. ANd to you too Patrick - who isn't really either.

  2. Will, Jon, Patrick, Louise and Carol.. wishes all 5 of you great races in the sprint. Go CANADA!!