Monday, August 17, 2009

Long Qualifier

The second day of races at WOC was in the same place as the first. Back to the village of Bükkszentkereszt! Similar terrain obviously, but west of the arena this time. Both women's and men's courses started with a long route choice leg across a large side hill. After that they looped back towards the arena and a spectator control and then back out for a second loop. Here is the map showing the three men's heats.

Team Canada had another day where things were not quite going the right way. Patrick Goeres had the running speed of the fastest world stars, but lost a lot of time in the final attack of the first control. Despite staying on pace with the best for the remaining 7.5 km of the course, he was still 1:46 on the outside. Nick Duca had good speed, but made a few too many mistakes and the rest of the team were fairly happy with their races technically, but did not have enough power in the hilly terrain and fiercely competitive field.

We will now take two days to recharge the body and mind for the sprint on Thursday. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us so up to date with this blog! Looking forward to the sprints!