Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 4 - Middle Model

Excitement is growing as the first race of WOC takes place tomorrow! Today was the model event for the Middle with real flags at the controls for the first time. This felt pretty nice after several days of searching for tiny sticks on the ground. The forest was full of athletes of all nations running around in different directions, trying to get a good feel for the terrain and the map. The general feeling in our team was that the map was still slightly iffy with regard to the vegetation and rocks, even though it was better than the training maps.

The race tomorrow will most likely involve lots of side hill orienteering, which is always a bit tricky. The forests are mostly open with great visibility, so it will be important to keep your head up and spot features and the flag from far away. This will allow you to run more aggressively and cut time.

On the start line tomorrow for Canada will be Louise Oram, Carol Ross, Will Critchley, Nick Duca and Mike Smith.

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