Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 3 - More Training

This morning was another training relevant for the middle and long terrains. Coach Magnus finally joined the team last night after some adventures on the East European railroads, so he shadowed most runners through several controls. Extra focus, compass direction and heads up from the attack point and in to the control was the theme of the day. It's easy to get lazy on the last 100 meters into the flag!

The training maps are a bit out of date with regard to the vegetation, and also the boulders and rocks are badly "overmapped", so it is important not the get too caught up in the details of the mapping and focus more on the general feeling of the forest and orienteering system. The actual WOC competition maps will obviously be updated and rock will be mapped to proper IOF standards.

This afternoon is strictly rest and tomorrow will be on the "proper" model maps.

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  1. I will be offline for a few days now, but I look forward to continue to read all about your adventures next week. Good luck and enjoy!