Friday, July 11, 2014

WOC Middle: A Great Day for Our Canadian Athletes!

We have some very exciting news from today's WOC middle results: tied and new personal bests for our 3 athletes!

Louise ran well to place 28th, tying with her placing in the middle in Trondheim, Norway in 2010. Emily had a superb race, placing 11th - her best result at a WOC and the 3rd best individual result for a Canadian ever! (the others being Sandy Hott: 9th in 2009 in Japan, and Ted de St Croix: 10th in 1985 in Australia.) Eric placed 55th, with this as his first time competing in a WOC final.

Emily got to sit on the leaders' couch for a while.

After the finish, all 3 were pleased with their races, especially Emily! She was beaming even as she talked about the tough climbs and how tricky it was to keep a bearing across the fields. She said that knowing where she was when she entered the forest again was key to smooth navigation. Louise also pointed out that there were several controls that crossed re-entrants and spurs, where the key was to read enough detail to keep track of where on the hillside she was. All the runners mentioned that it was hard to read rock features confidently, since there was way more rock out there than was mapped. Once again, the altitude left them gasping for air on the uphills.

Eric gave all he had left, as he charged down the finish chute!
Full results here:
Women (pdf)
Men (pdf)

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