Monday, July 21, 2014

JWOC Training Update

The JWOC athletes have been doing a variety of trainings in preparation for the races that start tomorrow (Tuesday). Here's the latest update from our athletes:

"Thursday morning training was on the long distance terrain and a 1:15,000 scale map.Tthe terrain is very different from the middle distance; less details, less climb, and some areas with very few mapped details where a steady compass direction is important. After a few controls as warm-up the juniors raced the leg 5-6, and the controls in the feature less area.
Long leg is 5 to 6. Which route would you select?
The running going to be very fast if the terrain is the same on the long race.

Thursday afternoon we toured the town of Samokov where the Sprint race will kick-off the JWOC competition week. We are allowed to walk around and look at the town, but cannot train or use a map in the area. So we spent an hour walking around to get a feel for the area and the challenges we can expect on race day. 

The race area have three parts; a section with irregularly placed apartment buildings, a river crossing and some park land, and the old town with complicated streets and buildings, small parks and a market area.

An interesting note is that horse and wagons are not uncommon for transportation here and horses graze freely in the towns parks or along roads.

Horses everywhere!

Sunday was mostly a rest day for the juniors but in the evening we visited the Sprint model map to see how things will be mapped for the race, and to jog around to a few controls. 

The model map is of a somewhat run-down apartment complex with a mix of tall buildings and low concrete car garages, as well as a few children's playgrounds."

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