Saturday, July 26, 2014

JWOC Middle Final

Today was the JWOC middle final. Based on the qualification race, Alex, Pia and Emma ran the B-final and Adam, Michael, Robbie and Trevor ran the C-final.
Alex had another good race today, finishing in 25th place in the B-final.
Alex punching at the same time as Matthew Doyle from Australia
Pia and Emma also had good runs in the B-final, with Pia in 28th place and Emma in 33rd. Both had fairly clean runs and mostly lost time on running speed.
Emma on course in the middle final
Michael running past some spectators
The rest of the team struggled in the very technical difficult terrain and hilly terrain.
Adam running through one of the few flat, open places on the course
Part 1 of men's course with winner's route
Part 2 of men's course with winner's route
In the women's race, Sina Tommer of Switzerland and Sara Hagstrom of Sweden tied for first place. This is Sara's third medal of the competition. She also has a gold in the sprint and a silver in the long.

Sara Hagstrom (Swe), Sina Tommer(Swi) and Andrea Svensson (Swe) on the middle distance podium.
Riccardo Scalet (Ita), Miika Kirmula (Fin), Olli Ojanaho (Fin)

The men's race was less close. Miika Kirmula of Finland had 1:21 over Riccardo Scalet of Italy and team mate Olli Ojanaho (Fin).

Full results can be found here.

Tomorrow is the the last event of JWOC 2014. The relay!


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