Tuesday, July 22, 2014

JWOC Sprint

The first race of the Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) was the sprint. After the first 3rd of the competition the rain started, very heavy and with thunder in the distance. Some of the area, especially the finish chute, become very slippery.

Our athletes were all pretty happy with their races. Here's their results:

Pia Blake - 16:49
Emma Sherwood - mp

Adam Woods - 17:53

Michael Svoboda - 18:05
Alex Bergstrom - 18:52
Trevor Bray - 18:53
Robbie Graham - 19:41

Full results, including splits, are available here.

Tomorrow is the long distance. All of our athletes are running again. It's a long start window, with the first person starting on 9:01am and the last around 2:30pm! You can view the start lists here, and follow along the results on the JWOC website. Unfortunately none of our athletes have been chosen to wear a GPS device for the long race.

Let's hear your support for our athletes. GO CANADA GO!


  1. that finish chute looks horrible! Great racing today and good luck for tomorrow!

  2. Good start Team Canada! Best of luck in the upcoming races!

  3. Is that adam almost slipping at the finish?