Tuesday, July 8, 2014

WOC ~ Long Preview

Next up at WOC is the long final. With the new rules at WOC this year, there is no qualifying race, like with the sprint. Instead, countries are given a number of starting slots based on results from the previous 2 World Championships (there's more information on the new Special Rules here).

Based on Canada's results in the previous 2 WOCs, we have 1 starting slot for men, and 2 for women.

So, running for Canada this year, with start times and best WOC long result attached, are:
13:05 (4:05am PST, 7:05am EST) Emily Kemp Best: 25th, 2013
13:06 (4:06am PST, 7:06am EST) Robbie Anderson Best: Q21
14:11 (5:11am PST, 8:11am EST) Louise Oram Best: 33rd, 2012

Robbie in the sprint qualification in Venice on Saturday. 
Again, you can catch all the action at the LIVE CENTRE. Videos and GPS tracks are available later in the day after the races... I recommend you check out the Sprint Relay. Super fun to watch!

Let's hear you cheering for our athletes! GO CANADA GO!

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  1. The start lists for today's Long Distance final had to be redrawn after these times were published. The new start times or the Canadian Team are:
    13:15 (4:15am PST, 7:15am EST) Emily Kemp
    12:46 (3:46am PST, 6:46am EST) Robbie Anderson
    13:55 (4:55am PST, 7:55am EST) Louise Oram