Tuesday, July 29, 2014

JWOC Relay

JWOC 2014 ended as every JWOC does: with the relay.  This year, team Canada boasted two mens teams and one mixed girls team.  On team one, Adam ran first, Michael second and Alex last.  Team two consisted of Robbie on leg one, myself (having, in a slight moment of insanity, agreed to run it) on leg two and Trevor running the anchor leg.  Emma was able to find a team where a Hungarian girl ran the first leg, a Japanese girl the second and herself the last.

Here we all are, kitted-out and standing in the beginnings of the downpour
The day started out slightly overcast, although with a 100% chance of rain by day's end.  Indeed, as the girls lined up for their 10:00 start, I did not envy them with the rain pouring down.  Most of them looked incredibly frozen, and yet very determined.  Unfortunately, the facepaint we used was 100% water soluble, and so by the time Adam and Robbie started off, most of it was gone.  The arena was at the base of a ski hill, with a spectator control about halfway up the steep slope, and a short loop in the forest on the other side before a dash along the finish chute.  I believe that that spectator control was the most difficult part of the course!  It was an uphill battle to get there, and then even more uphill to get to the next control.  It was either that, or slogging through the mud right before climbing the hill to the spectator.

Emma after the race…sure was muddy
The favourites for the day, Sweden, did not disappoint coming in first in both the men and women’s relays.  Unfortunately, I was out in the woods for the finish, and so only heard of the results once I was done.

Michael tagging off to Alex
All in all, it was a great (if wet) finish to JWOC 2014.  The terrain was definitely unique and the competition fierce. A big thanks to all the Bulgarian volunteers and officials who put so much effort into JWOC 2014! 

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  1. Thanks for the post Pia. And well done taking a spot on the guy's team!