Friday, July 25, 2014

Middle Qualification

The Middle Distance qualification races took place on the contour rich Zheleznica - North map. The racers were  randomly assigned to one of three heats; each minute, three athletes (from separate heats) would start. The top 20 competitors in each qualification race heat qualified for the A-Final. Competitors placed 21-40 in each qualification race heat made ​​the B-final while the remaining competitors made ​​C-final. However, due to the number of female racers, it was decided that all females placed 21 or higher would run in the B final.

Course M-3 did a counterclockwise loop from the start
The men's heats were approximately 2.8 km with 180 m of climb while the female courses consisted of 170 m of climb over 2.4 km. Despite the similarities in distance and climb, the courses for each heat were surprisingly different. It was common for athletes to pass other racers going in completely the opposite direction.

M-1 and M-2 (pictured) went clockwise from the start
Thanks to the pre JWOC training camp, the Canadian team was prepared to deal with the contour detail. Following the organizers suggestion, many of the Canadian athletes used magnifiers to improve the maps readability.

Alex was pleased with his race. His 30:30 run put him 30th in his heat and earned him a place in the B final. Pia and Emma both placed in the 30's and advanced to the B finals. Michael and Trevor made ​​the C final with placing's in the 40's. Robbie and Adam both had mainly clean races but ended in the C final due to struggles with two controls.

The climb from 13- 14 made the finish sprint feel easy in comparison

To reach the finish, the athletes had to climb a 40m hill and run through a stretch of waist high grass. It was painful but the Canadians finished strong!


  1. Looks like a tricky area. Best of luck in the finals!

  2. Thanks for all your posts and good luck in the finals!

  3. Good luck to all for the finals!