Monday, July 7, 2014

Sprint Relay Day - a visual blog post

Yesterday was a travel day that saw the majority of Team Canada travel the 3 hours from Lido di Jesolo near Venice for the sprint races to Lavarone in the mountains.  Today was the first ever WOC Sprint Relay - an exciting stormy race if ever there was one.

The race started off with a light rain and lots of very tough competition in the first leg with a huge number of teams from all over the world coming in very close together.  Teams gradually dropped off from there with various runners making mistakes and other teams simply not having enough depth to field a full roster of four truly competitive runners.  Canada held it's own well and finished 26th out of 34 teams.

Here is a recap of the day in photos and videos:

The athletes that weren't racing in the Sprint Relay in the afternoon went out to the Long Distance model map in the morning.  The Sprint Relay team rested and focused their energies on the afternoon's race.
Louise heading off in the lead on the first leg of the relay!

Will approaching the arena pass through on the second leg. Check out the super slippery paving stones... there were a few wipe-outs out there but thankfully none for the Canadian Team.

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  1. Good job Team Canada! Thanks for the updates!