Friday, June 28, 2013

JWOC ~ More Long & Middle Training!

I'm told this is a well known technique for helping with all that hill climbing....
This morning (Friday), Team Canada went back to the Long training area and did the second half of the course in a hilly, hilly terrain. The leg 9-10 route alternatives were discussed at length over lunch (see map below - which way would you go? Leave your answer in the comment section!)

Robbie looking strong!
In the afternoon, the Team headed on over to the second middle training map, Chvalecsky Les, and run a short course. The end of the course went through a very rocky area with giant boulders and cliffs. Very tricky!
The tunnel under a railway led to the middle terrain!
Lots of rocky detail!
Everyone had a good day of training. The long training was an opportunity to practice good route choice analysis and learning, while the middle terrain was a reminder of how careful you have to be among all the details on the map!
Trevor Bray!
Back at the hotel in Hradec Kralove, the JWOC event centre is now open, with flags and posters all over the hotel lobby! The Team picked up their accreditation badges and bags of information. 

The next two days will be mostly rest before the first race on Monday. Tomorrow will start with a short sprint practice in the morning, and then some sightseeing.

Stay tuned to the Team Canada blog for all the behind-the-scenes action, as our Canadian athletes count down to the first race on Monday - the long distance! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can catch all the JWOC action on their website, and also on Facebook.

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  1. 9-10. A little left of the line and than parallel to it but crossing back over the line where it crosses the road. Then a little right but parallel to the line looking for the broad spur to the left of the clearing with the buildings. From there, straight at the control. Note: this seems easier when I can plan the route from the comfort of my chair looking at a computer screen. Not sure whatI would have done were I actually running.