Thursday, June 27, 2013

JWOC ~ Long & Middle Training

Today, the JWOC team concentrated on Long and Middle distance model training. 

First up was the long distance map, at a 1:15,000 scale. The group started at a restaurant and viewing tower on a hill top, Jiraskova Chata.
Start of the long training.
Coach Brian reports that everyone looks good in the forest, and seem to learn the tricks of the terrain quickly. Below is a map snippet with a couple of long route choice legs that made everyone think hard. Which way would you have chosen between 8 and 9 (leave your answers in the comments below!)
Tough route choice legs. Which way would you have chosen from 8 to 9?
The ladies discuss route choice after the training session
Afterwards the team had a packed lunch and time for some relaxation before moving on to the afternoon session on middle distance map.
Nice view for lunch!

Relaxation time!

Jennifer tackling a steep hill!

Map sample from the middle distance training

Here are some athlete quotes after the training today:

Today's training for the long is physically really challenging. I think it came as a bit of a surprise to everyone that the running in the white forest was faster than running in yellow, due to long grass. Also, the woods were more tick free!

The mental approach to the middle and long terrain is quite different. In the long, one must struggle to read through closely packed contours to plan ahead. In contrast, the middle involved intense concentration on the terrain underfoot. It was easy to ignore the "rocky ground" on the map but unwise to forget the mossy mess attempting to trip you up. Crossing the Polish border on both maps was really fun.

Man I am going to have a great bum after all this hill climbing!

The long will involve climb. I plan to RISE to the challenge.

I have never seen such clean forest under my feet.

The Polish border looked a lot more open than the Czech side. Of course, that may have been because it wasn't mapped.

The difference between a distinct tree and a non-distinct tree here is that one is a bit bigger than the other but that doesn't make a world of difference in dark green vegetation.

It's like learning to orienteer all over again in these areas and the way they're mapped.

Where is this vegetation boundary they speak of?

The long terrain is very hilly making route choice very important, trying to get a balance of as little climb and distance as possible.

Les terrains de la longue distance resemblent un peut aux terrains de Saint-Etienne ou Emily s'entraine. Les terrains de la moyenne sont vraiment sympas, c'est tres agreable de courir sur des terrains difficile techniquement avec de nombreux rochers. Le temps etait ensoleile, en esperant que cela continue.

Looking forward to the long and all that climb, well not the climb exactly, but I seem to be dealing with the route choice and long terrain better than the rocks, rocks, rocks and individual trees (which one are they!?) of the middle.

Today I got a lesson on how to descend quickly from a herd of wild goats.

Sounds like they're having a good time, at least!

Stay tuned to the Team Canada blog for all the behind-the-scenes action, as our Canadian athletes prepare for competition next week! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can catch all the JWOC action on their website, and also on Facebook.

Go Canada Go!


  1. Great work team!
    leg 8-9 route:
    Drop down the hill 22 contours or so until you hit the second trail that cross the re-entrant then angle across and down the hillside parallel to the line. Pay attention to the trails you're crossing and cross the re-entrant with the stream in it to come out on the bigger trail. hop on the small trail contouring around the hillside just above the green.
    You'll cross a larger trail going up the hill, through a mess of smaller trails and fenced off rough open field on the left. Then you'll hit a large rough open field on the left and a major trail intersection. Check the compass at the trail junction and head up the trail toward the control. Into the thicker forest. Head up the trail just before the control circle the with a feeling of distance and climb look for the small knoll on the right and the slight trail bend where you'll attack the control.

  2. Good to see they let Brian have a team jacket. I thought he was being ostracized.

  3. Awesome updates, keep it up!

  4. I'd go a little left of the line but not a lot and attack the control from above