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JWOC Interview #2: Training

JWOC is in two weeks!  Our athletes are now in their final preparations. But it's important to remember that they've put a lot of time and effort in the many months before JWOC to train.  In this week's installment of the JWOC athlete interviews, I asked them about their training over this past year.

How has your training gone so far this year?

Fairly well, it’s always a challenge for me to transition from skiing to orienteering, so I've been doing a lot of technical stuff to help with that. – Kendra

This year, I think my training has gone really well.  I've had the opportunity to train with a team in Trondheim over the winter, and concentrated more than I have ever before on orienteering through the winter. (Normally I switch my focus to skiing.)  I feel a lot more confident with various terrain types now, as I have gotten to orienteer on so many diverse maps.  I have also - to my great relief - lost a lot of the fear/nervousness I previously had about bigger races (i.e. more than 50 people!).  – Pia

I would say fairly well. I have been able to do quite a lot of orienteering and have run in two A-meets this spring. - Alex

This was my first year training solely for orienteering and it has been amazing! A few more weeks of intensity and technical training and should be just reaching my peak. - Trevor

My training was going really well at the beginning of the year and I got injured and I am slowly making my way back. - Jen

Definitely picked up the pace ever since I tried for the HPP, so I'd say pretty good - Robbie

How would you describe the expected terrain and potential strategies to orienteer well in this terrain?
Sample long map
The terrain this year is a bit of a mix.  Topography wise, most of the races are fairly flat, with the exception of the long, which is very hilly.  In flat terrain, one of the strategies I use is to trust my compass, and go as straight as possible. (Unless it means going through too much green...)  On the other hand, hilly terrain normally means attempting to find a route where you do not have to climb up and down continuously, but instead one that may be longer, but will hopefully not be quite as strenuous. – Pia

Sample sprint map

The terrain for the middle and long will be hilly with the middle having lots of rock detail and the long having more hills and valleys. The relay will be more flat with gentle slopes and lots of trails. To orienteering effectively in this terrain planning out the legs will be important, as well as having good attack points and being careful with the compass. – Alex

Sample relay map

The long is very physical, so pacing and choosing good routes will be key to having a good race. The middle map is covered in boulders! Therefore having a strong attack point will make the navigation much easier. Lastly the sprint is all about being smooth and fast through the controls. Personally I have never been very good at urban sprints, so for me the sprint is all about having fun! - Trevor

Sample middle map
You can find full map samples for the JWOC maps here

Is there anything you have done to train particularly for this terrain?

I have looked at the maps available one the JWOC website for the area, and have done some armchair orienteering with those maps.  I have also tried to expose myself to as many different terrain types as possible so that I (hopefully) have an easier time adjusting to the terrain at JWOC! – Pia

Some hill training and orienteering in rocky terrain. - Alex

The long is extremely hilly, so I have done many route choice exercises. It’s not about choosing the best route; it’s about choosing a good one. Also in the next few weeks, I am going to be focusing on rock detail (for the middle) and side hilling. – Trevor

I have been training on maps with the same terrain as what. I will be facing in Czech. - Jen

At JWOC, athletes get to participate in all the races (sprint, middle, long, and the relay). Their schedule is: 

Monday, July 1: Long Distance

Tuesday, July 2: Middle distance – qualification
Wednesday, July 3: Middle distance – final
Thursday, July 4: Rest day
Friday, July 5: Sprint
Saturday, July 6: Relay

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