Thursday, June 6, 2013

Spotlight: JWOC!

For the past three years, my June has been filled with the excitement of the upcoming Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC).  While unfortunately I am now too old to attend JWOC, I am excited to watch (from afar) our junior team compete in the Czech Republic this July!

This year our junior team is: Alexander Bergstrom, Trevor Bray, Robert Graham, Adam Woods, Pia Blake, Jennifer MacKeigan, and Kendra Murray. You can view their HPP athlete profiles here!

In order to get us excited to cheer them on, I asked our athletes a few questions. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting their answers, so be sure to check back for the latest junior orienteering news! Today's questions are on what they're looking forward to.

What is your favorite part of JWOC (for athletes who have been previously)?

The whole atmosphere! It’s amazing to see people from all around the world come together to hang out and orienteer. – Kendra

Apart from the actual races, I would say getting to see and explore and new and unique place that I probably wouldn't see if it weren't for JWOC. – Alex

The atmosphere is one of the coolest parts about JWOC. In the quarantine, there are about 300 athletes all excited to race. This creates a very unique and abnormal environment for us Canadians. - Trevor

What are you looking forward to most at JWOC?

Racing on new terrain, meeting new people and all the hype! - Robbie

After each race when everyone sits around and talks about their race, and you get to talk to lots of people. – Kendra

Meeting new people, travelling to Europe and of course the orienteering! – Trevor

This year, I am most looking forward to soaking in JWOC: the atmosphere, the maps/terrain and the people.  In addition, I am really looking forward to seeing all the different countries represented.  I have never before been to such an international event! - Pia

The races. – Alex
I am most looking forward to meet new people and the great experience of orienteering in a different country. - Jen

The next post will feature questions about their training for this year to prepare for their races.

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