Saturday, June 22, 2013

JWOC Interview #3: Hodně štěstí (or for those that don't know Czech, good luck)!

It’s now just over a week before JWOC, so here is the last instalment of the pre-JWOC interviews.  Be sure to check back in the coming two weeks to get updates from the team as they train and compete. You can also check the JWOC website for results once the races start.

So now, onto the final questions:

What are your goals for this JWOC?

To run my own races, and see how that works out! I'm hoping to improve on my previous results. – Kendra

My biggest goal this year for JWOC is simply to get the experience of running in a really competitive field. - Pia

My main goal is just to have clean solid runs that I can feel I ran to the best of my ability. – Alex

Punch, then drink. – Trevor

My goal is to be happy with my races. – Jen

Have at least one perfect race and not to screw up in the relay. - Robbie

Any words of wisdom to up and coming juniors who may like to attend JWOC in the future?

Work hard and have fun. Everything else should slide into place. – Trevor

For those wanting to attend JWOC in the future, try to attend at least one big race before JWOC.  This can be really hard in Canada (as you often only have 3-6 competitors), but the exposure to a larger and more competitive field is invaluable. - Pia

Train hard, get excited about it, and don't be intimidated! It’s fun! - Kendra

Train consistently and challenge yourself. You will only get better if you push the limits of your orienteering. - Alex

What is one of your favorite motivational songs?

I don't really have a single motivational song, but sometimes, when I am running a particularly hard set of intervals, the song Stronger by Kelly Clarkson starts up in my head. – Pia

My motivational song is Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.  – Jen

Eye of the Tiger. - Robbie

We wish all the Canadian athletes competing at JWOC the best of luck. We’re cheering for you! And thank you to all the coaches, parents, supporters, organizers, friends and many more who have helped helped our athletes along the way. 

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