Sunday, June 2, 2013

2013 Canada Cup Series Starts With A Bang!

In an event filled weekend, Sage Stomp hosted the first Canada Cup of 2013. This long distance race was held at McQueen Lake near Kamloops. The open grassland area challenges all runners, even those who have visited the area in the past. 

Damian Konotopetz of Manitoba ran a strong race, beating second place Will Critchley by only 6 seconds! Eric Bone of Team USA came in 1:02 behind Will for a close 3rd place (Eric is not eligible for Canada Cup points). The 3rd place Canadian was junior team member, Adam Woods. Congratulations to Damian, Will, Eric, and Adam for each running an impressive race!

M21E - Standings after Sage Stomp
Athlete                       Club   Score
Damian Konotopetz CdeB 25
Will Critchley                EOOC 20
Adam Woods        GVOC 15
Graeme Rennie        GVOC 11
Mike Rascher        GVOC 8
Wade Tokarek        SAGE 6
Jiri Krejci                GVOC 4
Ian Collings                GVOC 3
Jared Kestevan        GVOC 2
Sergio Fernandez        GVOC 1

On the women's side there was a small field of only 4 runners. Vancouver's Louise Oram gave a convincing win, over 18 minutes ahead of second place Catherine Hoofd. Jackie Bonn of Kamloops came in 3rd, with Tori Owen of Calgary in 4th place. 

Athlete                Club Score
Louise Oram          GVOC 8
Catherine Hoofd    GVOC 6
Jacqueline Bonn    SAGE  4
Tori Owen          FWOC 3

In the Best Club in Canada category, GVOC holds its top spot after the first race, with 58 points, ahead of Coureurs de Bois with 25 points!

Club        Score
GVCO          58
CdeB          25
EOOC          20
SAGE         10
FWOC           3

Here's the link to the full, official standings. You can view the results and splits on WinSplits! There are also some photos up on the GVOC Facebook page

2013 Canada Cups (scheduled to date)
August 3-5 ~ Western Canadian Championship, Manitoba (sprint, middle, long)
August 23-25 ~ Eastern Canadian Championship, St. John, NB (middle, long)
September 20-22 ~ Ottawa O-Fest, Ottawa, ON (combined Saturday/Sunday results)
October 11-14 ~ Canadian Champs, Hamilton, ON (sprint, middle, long)

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