Friday, July 1, 2011

Update from Poland #5

Today was our last day of training before the festivities begin with the JWOC official opening in the town square of Wejherowo, Poland on Saturday evening. The races start with the sprint on Sunday in the village of Lebork.

This year will mark the first time that we have five women representing Canada in the competition.

JWOC 2011 will be Emily R.'s second competition. Coach Carol has been encouraging our juniors to keep their heads up and trust their compass'.

Emily K. is the long-timer on the women's team with Poland being her 4th JWOC in as many years...and she still has one more to go. Emily is charging into one of the dastardly pits on the side of a hill.

Tori's first JWOC training has been an incredible experience. She has focused on perfecting her orienteering skills. She has enjoyed meeting the friendly locals.

Molly, our youngest member of the women's team, has been honing her navigational skills. Her steady and thoughtful orienteering style will likely pay huge dividends here in Poland.

Kendra, our third rookie on the team, will use her incredible fitness from XC skiing to charge up these Polish hills. You can hear her fellow Yukoner's cheering her on all the way over here in Wejherowo!!


  1. Thanks so much for all these posts, pictures, and video. It sure gives us a better idea of your experiences and trainings.

    We will be cheering for you in the Sprints tomorrow! Best wishes!!

  2. This Yukoner is cheering for the whole team. Good luck tomorrow!