Thursday, July 7, 2011

JWOC Middle Final

Team Canada had good results at the Middle Final with Emily K. finishing 22nd out of 60 starts in the women's A, Emily R. 45th, Kendra 57th and Tori 65th out of 70 starts in the women's B.
Graeme and Lee finished very strongly at 6th and 9th, and Graham 36th out of 41 starts in the men's C Final.

For full results and splits go to:

Photos from the Middle Final:

Emily R. spiking the spectator control

Graeme burning up the finish chute.

Tori cruising through the spectator control.

Lee charging through the finish chute.

Graham sprinting into the final stretch of the finish.

Emily K. emptying the tank in the finish chute.

Kendra driving out of the spectator control.

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