Friday, July 8, 2011

JWOC Relay

The relay was the final event for JWOC 2011. Graeme led the Canadian men's team in the mass start followed by Graham and Lee. For the first time ever, Canada had a women's team in the relay with Tori in the mass start followed by Kendra and Emily K.

Team France's Emilie Backschneider led a mixed France/Canada team with Emily R. the second runner and Molly finishing.

The women relay was won by the Swedish 1st team and it was a huge surprise for the home town Polish Team taking the men's relay gold medal.

Emily R. just after the hand-off to Molly at the exchange.

Molly screaming down the bridge in the finish chute.

Tori handing off to Kendra.

Kendra finishing the 2nd map handing off to Emily.

Emily K. finishing the 3rd leg.

Graeme handing Graham the second map.

Graham sending Lee off on the final loop.

Lee finishing off JWOC 2011 for Team Canada.

JWOC 2011 Relay Gold Medal Team - Sweden

Team Poland - JWOC Relay Gold Medalists
It's going to be a party in Poland tonight!!


  1. That's very exciting for the Polish men's team. Cool. Thanks so much for all the great posts and pictures Team CANADA. It was great to follow along from home.

  2. It has been wonderful to receive these daily posts of pictures and comments. Very exciting to see the results and know that you have all been gaining lots of experience. Enjoy the wrap-up party!

  3. Yep, thanks, super stuff. See many of you at the COCs!

  4. Well done everyone! Congratulations. Thanks for all the updates - it was great fun to follow along. Hope you all enjoyed representing Canada.