Sunday, July 3, 2011

JWOC Sprint

It was a surprise win by France’s Lucus Basset in the men’s sprint with a time of 15:07 on the 2.9 km course. Exceptionally, a Norwegian was the only Scandinavian to finish in the top ten in tenth place.

Ida Bobach of Denmark is a repeat gold medalist on the women’s 2.5 km course with a time of 14:29 with fellow teammate Emma Klingenberg just 2 seconds behind her. It is expected that Bobach will deliver strong performances at the long and middle events as well.

For Team Canada, Emily K. had her best sprint finishing at JWOC with at time of 16:37 to put her in 38th place out of 130 women.

Graeme had an excellent race and finished 106th out of 157. He was unfortunately caught in the trap set between controls 13 and 14 on the men’s course. It cost him about 25 seconds.
Tove Alexandersson of Sweden lost a spot on the podium, and potentially the gold medal, in the same trap between controls 16 and 17 on the women’s course.

For all the results including splits go to:

Today is the long event with the men running 11.0 km with 410 metres of climb and 23 controls. The expected winning time is 74 minutes. The women are running 7.7 km, 285 metres of climb and 20 controls. The winning time for the women should be about 57 minutes. Both the men’s and women’s courses will have butterfly loops which forks the runners thus preventing runners following each other.

JWOC 2011 Men's Sprint Map

Graeme's course.

Emily K's course.

Women's Finish Board with Emily in 38th position.

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  1. Thanks for all the postings. It is super exciting to see everyone running so well and to get the photos and maps and stories.

    As you get ready for the last two races here is a great bit of advice from Oystein - "Thinking about your time doesn't make you faster; thinking about finding controls, that's what will make you faster."

    Good luck in the middle & relays.