Tuesday, July 5, 2011

JWOC Tales

Kendra arrived at control #18 to find four other JWOC runners searching for the flag in the swampy re-entrant. Although not mapped as green woods, the re-entrant was quite thick with limited visibility.

Kendra attacked the control from above by climbing the side of the spur. The other JWOC runners saw that she had punched the control and immediately followed. Kendra lead the train through the remaining two controls and finish shoot, a distance of 750 metres. Now that's an example of a competitive spirit!!

Kendra at the Go control.

Kendra driving to the finish line.

The JWOC Competition Arena and the last 150 metres of the long Long finish shoot.


  1. Good work, Ken! YOA is super proud of you. Another awesome showing today in the middle quali.

  2. Excellent to see a number of great runs in the Middle qualifier today. Go Canada go!