Saturday, July 2, 2011

Let the Races Begin!!

JWOC 2011 starts today with the sprint race in the town of Lebork 30 km west of Wejherowo. Our athletes are ready and they are pumped!! The men's race will be 2.9 km with 35 metres of climb and 23 controls. The women's course will be 2.5 km with 30 metres of climb and 22 controls. The courses are set in mostly urban terrain with about 15% of the race in forest.
First start is at 14:00 hours Wejherowo time. Live results can be found at:


Team Canada in the Official Opening Parade being lead by Angilika from Wejherowo.

The Wejherowo young people's choir greeting us in the town square.

Team Canada singing along to the JWOC 2011 Theme Song.


  1. That song seriously rivals "We Are Bushmen" from Norway for 'Best Song Specifically About Orieteering" ever.

  2. Oh my - that's quite the tune....