Thursday, July 22, 2010

WUOC Sprint

Yesterday was the WUOC Sprint day in the town of Borlänge. The start was in the middle of downtown and the course then worked it's way through residential areas and finally ended up in the historic village and a slope of gullies down to the river. This last part of the race was absolutely brilliant for spectators. There was plenty of route choice through the buildings, the fences and steep re-entrants. Those who had not been able to plan this last section ahead got into trouble, and it was in view of all the spectators and race announcers.

Carol again had a good run with a finish in 46th place. She did drop a few positions in the very tricky last part of the course, but was holding good pace and ended up 2:31 behind the winner, Amelie Chataing from France. Will Critchley had the best result on the men's side in 58th, also holding good pace and dropping a few positions in the final stages of the course. Robbie Anderson was not too far behind Will, but had some smaller troubles earlier on the course.

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