Sunday, July 18, 2010

National Team Blood at Barebones

There were four Senior national team members at Barebones: Patrick, Mike, Louise, Carol.

Carol & Louise not only ran some races but the also were course planners - Louise for the super sprint in Whistler Village, and Carol for the WRE middle distance event at Brandywine.

There was a great article in "The Question" - one of the local Whistler papers, that was highlighted with a picture of Carol leaving a control (not visible in the web version), and a big interview with Patrick: A little blood no bother at Barebones

The article begins:
"Patrick Goeres emerged from the woods on the edge of Myrtle Philip Community School at a full sprint, with thin lines of blood running down from a small gash on the left side of his head." Now that's the kind of coverage that'll promote the sport ;-)

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  1. Too bad there wasn't a pic of Patrick running up the chute. Did anyone get a pic?
    I imagine it to look a little like Haakon Eriksson on the front cover of Orienteering Today from WOC 2004.