Saturday, July 24, 2010

O-Ringen Day 1: Rain. Just, rain.

Post-WUOC, the Canada crew has taken the two hour trip over to Orebro for O-Ringen, meeting up with fellow HPP members Graeme Rennie and Emily Ross. Essentially everyone's reaction was one of awe in the sheer numbers and the size of the event (except for Magnus, for whom O-Ringen is old hat!). Today was Stage 1, a long distance, results can be found the o-ringen website, just sort by country and you'll find everyone (except for me, who has been lumped in with the Brits, not quite sure why). Notable shout outs to Robbie who is 24th and Eric who's 35th in H21, and Carol who's 36th in D21.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to speak to much of the team in regards to their race, because the weather has been atrocious! It has rained solidly since last night and became a torrential downpour at occasions while the crew was trying to get ready. And, in addition to everyone's entire possessions being soaking wet, the entire world appears to have turned into a mud-pit! The walk to and from the buses is immensely muddy, and apparently the camping area is rapidly transforming from firm ground to soft ground to.. whatever happens after soft ground. And at the moment, its still raining! In fact, the front page of several Swedish newspapers exclaims about the big weather front that's coming on, so this could be a long week!

If you're a nightowl or just can't sleep, you can also follow a live video of the race, just head to the O-Ringen website!

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  1. Sounds like a trip to the rubber boot store is in order.