Friday, July 23, 2010

WUOC Middle

The WUOC Middle distance was held just outside the village of Gustafs, 20 km south of Borlänge. The day started out with gray skies and rainfall for the early starters, but towards the end of the long start window, the sun came out and it was hot. The terrain was rather hilly, with rocky slopes and a fair amount of green. The courses were excellent, with a couple of great route choice legs and some control picking in between.

First out for the Canadians was Jeff Teutsch, who had a pretty good run in the rain, but had some trouble with the 3rd control. A story that would repeat for all men on the Canadian team! There was a small trail in the terrain, with a mountain bike jump on it, which was not marked on the map. This trail was just outside the circle of the control and threw many runners off. Robbie, Eric and Will all came back with similar reports of a few difficult controls. Robbie was the fastest Canadian, just under 45 min. Again, Carol had the best run of the day, despite making a large 5 minute mistake on one control. Without this mistake she had a top 20 time in sight!

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