Thursday, July 1, 2010

North American Championships: Pre-Game Show

It is the eve of the North American Orienteering Championships! Nearly 500 racers have gathered in Cranbrook, British Columbia for the biannual race. Competitors will race for individual North American glory, and in the ME and WE classes, for the Bjorn Kjellstrom Cup!

The Program

Friday, July 2 - Middle, WRE - Cranbrook Community Forest
Saturday, July 3 - Long, WRE - Cranbrook Community Forest
Sunday, July 4 - Sprint, WRE - College of the Rockies

The Model Event

The model event opened yesterday. The terrain is a nice mix of fast, dry forest with some rocky footing and some areas of technical rock and contour detail.

You can run on the model map in Catching Features or check it out below:


All the NAOC events have been designed to highlight the World Ranking Event athletes in M21E and W21E. Spectator controls, radio controls and race announcing will provide excitement and entertainment in the arena. To allow as many participants as possible to be able to watch these racers, 10 – 15 top ranked runners will be seeded in a “red group” that will start late.

Bjorn Kjellstrom Cup

In addition to the competition for individual medals, Team Canada and Team USA will reignite their rivalry over the Bjorn Kjellstrom Cup! The Cup is awarded to either team based on results in the ME and WE classes.

Points are awarded to the top 15 finishers in each of ME and WE according the following points system: 1st - 25, 2nd- 22, 3rd -19, 4th -16, 5th -13, 6th -10, 7th -9, 8th - 8, 9th - 7, 10th -6, 11th -5, 12th -4, 13th -3, 14th -2, and 15th -1. The top 3 finishers for each country in ME and WE in each of the three races is used to determine the overall points total. Points are totaled for each of the sprint, middle and long distance races.

In the last 15 NAOC’s (going back to 1980 in Cleveland) Canada has won 14 times and the US (just) once. Canada has won the last 13 times. Pam James is on the trophy 11 times, Mike Waddington 6 times, Ted de St. Croix 5 times and Mark Adams 4 times!

More info on the NAOC website.

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