Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WUOC Begins!

This is the Canadian team reporting from the World University Orienteering Championships in Borlänge, Sweden. There are five runners on the team: Carol Ross, Eric Kemp, Jeff Teutsch, Robbie Anderson and Will Critchley, while Magnus and Andrea are our team leaders.

Today was the first race, the long. The terrain was open white forest with lots of swamps and spongy moss, making running tough. Carol finished in an exciting 41st place, out of 90 women. The men also finished ;)

We're all looking forward to the sprint tomorrow (Wednesday). If you'd like to follow our race, there will be live results. Today there was even a webcam of the finish. Sweden's time zone is CEST which is five hours ahead of AST, nine hours ahead of PST. Our start times are:
Eric 15:58
Robbie 16:16
Will 16:42
Carol 16:37:30

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