Monday, July 6, 2015

Let the Games Begin!

4 July

This morning we went to the sprint model to walk some controls and check out the mapping again. There were some inconsistencies with it, namely vegetation and man-made features.

We swung back to the cabins for lunch then went back to the town of Krossen for the technical model and opening ceremonies. The technical model demonstrated start procedures but more importantly the touch-free Emit punching system, which will be used in the sprint. It’s a small unit on a wrist band that just needs to be waved over the control in order to register.

Touch-Free Pro Emit tag

While waiting for the ceremony to start, we played a little Frisbee with the South Africans. They taught us some really cool throws. An especially neat one was where you throw it and bounce it off the ground.

The organizers called all the countries to line up with their flag bearers and we marched across a field and into a gymnasium, following a guy playing the viola. The opening ceremony consisted of dancing children, accordion playing, and a… unique, trumpet solo.

We were getting pretty warm in our black uniforms!

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