Friday, July 10, 2015

JWOC Relay

Sadly, our JWOC spectating has come to an end. The athletes competed in the final race--the relay. Sweden won the women's race, finishing in 1:44:17. Finland won the men's race in 1:36:39.

Our women's team officially came in 21st, with a total time of 2:34:35. Unofficially, they were 33rd as these results include nations' second teams and mixed teams.

Our men's team officially came in 29th, with a total time of 2:22:49. They were 40th unofficially.

Trevor and Caelan were running on a mixed team with a Hungarian. They came in 49th unofficially, with a total time of 2:51:21.

You can find more information in the unofficial results and official results.

Congratulations to our team for their successful JWOC, and we can't wait to cheer them on again next year!

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