Thursday, July 9, 2015

JWOC Middle Qualifier and Final Interview

Monday and Tuesday were the cold and rainy JWOC middle qualifier and middle final. Both races which challenges speed, technical ability, and focus in very detailed and tricky terrain. Canada had one athlete into the A final, the most competitive one; Alex Bergstrom.

How did you prepare for the middle, both physically and mentally?
“I did several trainings a week on technical maps, I ran up some ski hills and regular running intervals.”
How did you find the maps and the courses?
“The qualifier was on a slope with lots of marshes, rocks, and the visibility was low so you had to be really careful with the compass. The final was much more varied, it had sections with a slope, a hilltop, and some flat bits, all with varying degrees of visibility. I found the qualy quite easy, but the final was more challenging since many techniques were required, it was also much more physical.”

M20 B Middle qualifier

M20 A Middle final

How did you feel during and after the race?
“During most of the race I felt fine, but the big hill right after the spectator control in the final really got me."

What do you think you did well?
“I had a clean qualifier, which is arguably the most important thing, if you want to get into the final you want.”
What do you think you could improve upon?
“Be more aggressive in final. Running a clean race won’t do everything, you gotta push the speed. I should have also focused more in the second loop since I started to fade after the hill.”
What do you think made the difference between your results from last year (B final) and this year (A final)?
“The difference was running a clean qualifying race. I trained to focus more during my races and that’s what really made the difference.”
Do you have any advice for other orienteers?
“Just train.”

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