Sunday, July 5, 2015

Learning to punch

3 July

The day started off with fixing the Irish team’s flag atop their cabin, since it had been almost sideways for about a day. We duct taped it to the chimney and added our own touch, a small Canadian flag on the very top. Up until lunch we worked on various projects, being it video editing, map review, or napping.

We even got a shout-out on their Twitter page

We got our race packets at headed over to the middle model. The map is one large hill with lots of boulders, marshes, and slightly thicker vegetation that most other maps we had been on. Since it was super hot out, we only trained for about 45 minutes. The course had an Emit unit so we were able to practice using the Norwegian punching system which will be used during JWOC. It's quite difficult since the Emit card must be oriented a certain way for it to fit into the unit, this can lead to some awkward hand-twisting when approaching the control.

Careful you don't break your wrist...

We got back and Calean, Jan Erik, Michael, and Robbie scaled the ski hill to claim it in the name of our nation. We hiked to the top and found some plastic poles that we used as a flag pole and duct taped the Canadian flag to it, so that everyone would be able to see it from any of the cabins.

What a view!

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