Thursday, August 25, 2011

Post-WOC Pre-WOC

As a pre-face to this entry, I'd like to touch on the distinct lack of athlete reports from their respective finals and relays from WOC week. Unfortunately, the internet at our hotel was highly suspect, and the finals days proved to be very long and very hot. Over the next few weeks and as the season winds down, we will gradually be posting our individual experiences from these races, from the much talked about Sprint qualification to Carol's epic marathon of a long final, to the madness that was the women's relay. There is much coming down the pipeline!


Although the initial fervour of this year's WOC is slowly dwindling (though some debates rage on - see AttackPoint), its time to start looking forward again. And, it just so happens that NEXT year's WOC is a scant 150 km for this year's WOC!

Carol and I stuck around for a week after France to do some relaxing, some sightseeing, and a little bit of orienteering. Our initial plan of visiting the Olympic Museum in Lausanne was thwarted once we determined exactly where the embargoed zone was, so we turned a hard left and headed back into France, the Jura area.

Now, to be clear, a large portion of these days have involved lying in the sun (or shade) on the beach of some lake. Naps occurred. Some food with questionable health qualities were consumed.

But, it has not been all lying around. We have "climbed" Mt. Jura, a massive 1500 metre peak which the tourist office says would take around 4:40. We made it up and down in 1:45.

Tomorrow, I head back to England to get in on the City Race action, with Sheffield and Lincoln next weekend, and London the weekend after. Carol is going to head to Switzerland and will likely do some more WOC specific training.

Finally, although the first two days we stayed in a pleasant and cheap hostel, last night we found some cheap as free accommodation. Can you guess where we are staying based on the picture below?


  1. is it FG's place ? good stuff over the past week.

  2. Cool, I'm so jealous! I also want to stay at FG's house!