Friday, August 12, 2011

Long Qualifier Start Times

Tomorrow Saturday is the Long Qualifier. This race will be a mix of open, but hilly, meadows and tricky, detailed karst forests. The Canadian Team is prepared and ready to go after several days on the training and model maps. It seems a bit unclear what live coverage will be available for the qualifiers. The best bet is to go through the World of O website. On the start line tomorrow is (local time):

12:00 Carol Ross
12:42 Louise Oram
13:28 Damian Konotopetz
14:16 Will Critchley
14:37 Wil Smith


  1. Looking forward to getting our annual WOC fix! Wishing you all good runs.

    Best to you all.
    Marg and Brian from sunny Vancouver

  2. Best wishes to you all. We are following you and looking forward to hearing more about your runs and other O adventures.

    John from Sunny Vancouver (finally)

  3. Great races guys. Special congratulations to Carol for qualifying! Looking forward to reading the race reports!


  4. Thanks watching everyone!

    Louise also had a very solid run and was only ~10min back from her heat's winner. She drew a crushingly competitive heat today.

  5. Congrats to Damian, Will C, Wil S, Louise and Carol for their runs today. Looking forward to the middle tomorrow!

  6. Well done to all today but in particular to Carol for qualifying and to Louise for a run that should have got her into the final!